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Iqualine Corporation specializes in gas delivery systems, high-purity gas-line technologies, precision machinings, and sheet metals. In addition, we are a turnkey and contract manufacturing company on opto-mechanical and electrical assemblies. The quality of our products combined with the industry’s fastest lead-time allow us to ensure satisfaction from blueprint to product. Contact us, and let Iqualine assist you with your next project!

Gas Panel

Gas Delivery Systems

We provide reliable gas delivery systems and components in a variety of materials and supporting many gases commonly used in the industry.

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Precision Weldings

Our services include steel, and copper brazing welding as well as ultra-high purity orbital welding on stainless steel and hastelloy.

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Machine Components

We also design and manufacture a wide array of custom parts and machine components, from CNC parts to fluid valves.

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Product Quality — Our Promise

Here at Iqualine, we place a high value on the quality of our work and take tremendous pride in what we do. Every product leaving Iqualine goes through rigorous inspections using the latest equipments and adhering to the strictest quality assurance standards.

Our engineers take advantage of modern design software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks) to assist in designing and manufacturing products. Our engineers will work with you at every stage of the developmental process in order to ensure that all specifications are met and that you are satisfied with your product.

Iqualine is unique in its flexibility to collaborate with a diverse range of leading industries. We understand that our client’s needs vary widely, and are comfortable to fabricate products based on the client’s needs. Contact us today; we will be pleased to deliver you high-quality and punctual products that meet your budget.

Quality Inspection.